How To Get More Twitter Followers

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Most of the Twitter on the market have it all wrong. 

They’ll try to tell you what you can do to grow your Twitter following quickly. Or how to grow your Twitter following ‘organically’ while using inauthentic Twitter tools.

They'll tell you to auto retweet the same content. Or that scheduling your tweets will grow your following.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. After interviewing large Twitter accounts, CrowdFox found that not a single of the large Twitter accounts used auto retweet tools or scheduling tools to grow their following.

Scheduling tweets won’t help you grow your Twitter account. Neither will automatically retweeting the same old content over and over again. In fact, it will hurt you in the long run because your tweets won’t be authentic and your core followers will see you retweeting the same material over and over. 

Eventually, they won’t check your Twitter profile anymore. You’ll have trained your audience to keep scrolling instead of stopping to read your Tweets.

Here’s a secret on how you can grow your Twitter following fast.

It’s as simple as providing value to others. Give people a solid reason to follow you and they will.

Unfortunately,  most apps on the market are tailored to pitch an easy solution to this problem. But it won’t create real results.

I was able to grow my following from 300 followers to over 35,000 in less than a year in an authentic way by sharing value with others.

And that’s what inspired me to build CrowdFox. I want to help other creators grow their following in an authentic way. And I want to create actual results for CrowdFox users.

That’s why we’ve created CrowdFox Watch. 

CrowdFox Watch keeps track of top Twitter accounts in your niche so you can piggyback on their follower count to grow your own. 

If you don’t have a large follower count on Twitter, tweeting and retweeting your own tweets won’t help you grow your Twitter following. This might get you a small bump, but it won’t create the real results you want.

Instead you need to focus on finding other ways to be visible on Twitter. By providing value on large Twitter accounts (7,000 to 40,000 followers) in your same niche, you will become more visible on Twitter.

Here are the steps you can take to grow your Twitter following fast using CrowdFox Watch.

  1. Find 6-8 Twitter accounts with 7,000 to 40,000 followers in your niche (Hint: You can use CrowdFox Leads to see suggestions to add to Watch)
  1. Add the accounts to CrowdFox Watch and tweets will start populating. Try to respond as quickly as possible because the earlier replies to big tweets will have more chances. Note: This is another big reason not to auto retweet your old content constantly. If your followers are bored by your tweets constantly, they will learn to tune you out. And they won’t like your replies and your tweets will rank lower in Twitter’s algorithm.
  1. Start providing value on 3-4 of the suggested CrowdFox Watch tweets per day. 
  1. Watch your Twitter following start to grow. If you get 15 new followers a day, you can grow your Twitter following by 450 followers in a month. 

Tips To Provide Value

Don’t self promote your own content. Don’t share links to your content or blog posts or links to your product. Nothing will get you muted by a large Twitter account faster than constantly using their tweets for promotion.

Don’t leave too many responses on one person’s account. Focus on two quality responses over four average ones. Quality > Quantity.

Be authentic. Don’t leave a comment at all if you can’t think of something that adds genuine value to a tweet. It’s obvious when someone is tweeting just to tweet.

Don’t leave short replies on Tweets like “That’s great!” or “Awesome job” and think that this will lead to results. Remember, you want to train your audience to think everything you post is valuable.

Don’t be rude. Be kind and informative. Don’t post controversial opinions just to  get likes.

Whether you want to grow your Twitter account to 100 followers or if you want to learn how to grow your Twitter account to 1000 followers, CrowdFox Watch will help you get there.

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