Why Most People Fail on Twitter

Why Most People Fail on Twitter

Twitter is easy once you figure it out. Everything will ‘click’. And you’ll suddenly have more followers, more sales and more opportunities. 

But it’s difficult at first to know what works. That’s why we created CrowdFox with processes for you to grow. 

There are a few things you need to stop doing today if you want to increase your customer growth. 

You don’t give users a reason to follow you

Think about how you use Twitter. 

You probably scroll for a while and read a few responses to tweets that interest you. 

You might click on the occasional profile. But unless the user’s tweets draw you in immediately, you’ll click away quickly.

You should be able to look at a Twitter profile and have a reason to follow it in just a few seconds. 

Most people will look at your profile briefly and click away. You need to catch their interest right away. If you look at your own Twitter profile, is there a compelling reason as to why someone should follow you?

Take a look at a few large Twitter accounts in your niche that you admire. Try to figure out what they are doing that gets users to follow them quickly. 

The winning twitter profile should have:

  • A strong Twitter bio. Try to avoid being overly verbose here. Get to the point quickly and give people a reason as to why they should follow you.
  • A profile of Tweets that draw the user in and make them want more. This means you should try to make every tweet you send valuable to someone. Remember to also go through your old tweets and delete anything that isn’t relevant or useful anymore.
  • A great pinned tweet. This is your chance to catch someone’s interest. Don’t make it sales oriented. Don’t make it an introduction about yourself saying hi to your followers. Make it something that either shows who you are, or provides value to others.

You don’t provide value to others

This is the number one reason you aren’t getting the twitter growth you want. 

If your tweets aren’t providing value to people, you aren’t going to get the followers you want. Twitter users will click on your Twitter profile and then click away. 

But if you can find a way to provide value to your followers, you’ll start to see your growth skyrocket.

You make your most loyal followers tune out

Your goal on Twitter should be to create such valuable content that you create super followers. These super followers will be your biggest fans. They might even have notifications turned on for your tweets. It happens!

Don’t lose them by making them tune out.

Here are a few things you need to avoid:

  • Don’t retweet your tweets on Twitter constantly. When you look at your newsfeed, it’s usually the people you engage with the most, right? And if you engage with someone, they show up in your newsfeed a little more tomorrow, right? Imagine how your most engaged followers feel when they click your profile and all they see are the same tweets over and over. They might put up with it for a short time but eventually they’ll tune out of your content.
  • Don’t tweet the same tweets over and over again. This is also against Twitter’s policy to copy and paste old tweets and tweet them again (it will get you banned!) 
  • Don’t rely on AI generated tweets or paying someone to write your tweets. A profile that isn’t authentic can be spotted a mile away! You might think you’re saving time, but you’re only hurting your own credibility.
  • Don’t rely on follow for follow or buying followers. Both of these will only hurt you in the Twitter algorithm.

Tagging big accounts or trying to ask them for retweets

Two massive faux pas on Twitter! This will only annoy large accounts and/or get you blocked. 

Having a large account retweet your content also won’t automatically lead to more followers and sales for you either. You need to build your own credibility and followers and not try to rely on a retweet from a large account.

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